I have used your services over recent months on a number of occasions. I have been really pleased with the service from a number of viewpoints:

  • You have been very responsive and quick in responding to my requests, often booking in for the following day
  • You have collected the vehicles from my house and returned them in the evening which has been extremely helpful
  • Your approach to problem solving has been impressive using all that complicated diagnostic equipment which girls don’t understand
  • You have informed me during the day of what is required to fix the vehicle so there are no surprises
  • Your costs are very reasonable

And all of this comes with a fun and upbeat attitude from you and all of your team who I have met so far. I would wholeheartedly recommend MOT7 for your vehicle repair needs.

Sue S, Roos

A light recently started to shine on my dashboard that I immediately interpreted as the “please call MOT7” light. It said to check my brake pads.

It turned out that my brake pads were fine but the wiring was faulty (like car like driver!). Dene and MOT7 fixed this without needlessly replacing my brake pads – which I dare say another garage may have done and charged me accordingly!

I’m always confident when I leave my car at MOT7 because I know they give an honest and economical service every time. I’m also happy to recommend friends and family as I know they’ll be in safe hands.

Jackie C, Pocklington